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2021 Male Membership Rates

Male Membership Category2021 RateGUI/ILGU FeeTotal
Full 65 - 74 (Pre Join 2000)£748.00£20.00£768.00
Full 75 (Pre Join 2000)£518.50£20.00£538.50
6 Day£826.50£20.00£846.50
5 Day£660.50£20.00£680.50
4 Day£561.00£20.00£581.00
Distance (100 Miles)£315.00£20.00£335.00
Juvenile £105.00£3.50£108.50
18 Year Old£170.00£20.00£190.00
19 Year Old£227.00£20.00£247.00
20 Year Old£287.00£20.00£307.00
21 Year Old£351.00£20.00£371.00
22 Year Old£421.00£20.00£441.00
23 Year Old£492.00£20.00£512.00
24 Year Old£568.00£20.00£588.00
25 Year Old£616.00£20.00£636.00
26 Year Old£663.00£20.00£683.00
27 Year Old£710.00£20.00£730.00
28 Year Old£758.00£20.00£778.00
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